The Canadian customer really like SMY deck lights

The Canadian customers really like SMY deck lights

We get so many customers good feedback on our deck lights. They installed in the garden or patio. When they turn on the deck lights at night. These decking lights looks very beautiful. Especially, these customers from Canada. Maybe their yard very big. And have lots of steps need deck lights for decorating at the outside house. See the attached photos.

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One customer reviews as below:

Very satisfied with this product. I hooked up 14 of the lighting in the deck and on the threshold to mild the step. The lighting appears properly sealed and takes a seat nicely flush with the deck surface. The connections appear precise. I might have preferred a touch longer cables between lights and among the primary light and the transformer so that I ought to area the lights out extra because they're very brilliant and could have been spaced wider to light a bigger area. Very satisfied so far and would purchase once more.

Also many American customers like our SMY deck lights for house outdoor landscape lighting. But they like order more one set dimmer controller for their deck lights. Yes, some people will be feeling these lights too brighter for the steps and home yard. 

You can order the led dimmer controller with a remote from our website directly. It really fit for our deck lights.

outdoor deck lights

Just what I needed to dim the super bright deck lights I bought. I loved the lights and the ease of installation but they were super bright once it’s completely dark out. The in off and dimming functions work well from within my house to control the lights.

That is one of my American customer review on our deck lights dimmer.


  • I’m very pleased with my SMY Lighting recessed deck stair lights. I also bought the company’s dedicated lights dimmer with remote control because the lights are very bright at full power and it helps to dim them. I further found the company’s customer service to be excellent. My contractor installed three lights per step instead of just two, leaving me two lights short to finish the last step. So I contacted Mark Qi at SMY Lighting and he helped me out so I didn’t have to buy a whole new set just for two lights. Thanks Mark, and thanks SMY Lighting. You guys rock!

    Aaron Ellis
  • Very Nice! Good Customer Service

    We ordered SMY LED Deck Lights for our new deck. Had a bad transformer (it happens!). The Company sent us new lights and a transformer. Easy to install and looks great! Having a little more cable length on the lights would be helpful in spanning distances, other than that they work and look very nice. Very impressed with the prompt and helpful customer service.

    Rick S.

    Rick S.

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