Why should use dimmer for deck lights

SMY deck lights can use dimmer with remote working on it.

I would highly recommend getting a dimmer as these are super bright. Very easy to install. You can order the dimmer from SMY Lighting. The dimmer also included a simple remote controller. You can use the remote controller to dimming the light brightness. Most of the time, you may feel that the light is too bright. It really needs to be dimmed a bit. But this is also based on the needs of each user. I personally feel that installing on my deck will require dimming to better suit my patio steps.

You can see the photos with dimmer and without dimmer as below:

deck lights dimmerremote dimmer

Very easy to install the deck lights.

Installation was a breeze with a 1" spade drill bit and wiring them is self-explanatory. Also can DIY your decking with our deck lights. If you need longer extension cables also can order from our store. You can extend the distance to each light. 

decking lights

Some people can install these deck lights by themselves and no need professional electrician install it. Because it is really simple to install it. So many people like to purchase it and decorate their deck stairs in garden or outdoor of the house. But this kind of deck lights also can embed inside the concrete deck stairs. Don't worry will damage the stair lights. Because these lights have protected shell and IP67 waterproof. Water no easy immersed in the lamp.

Wood stair decking lights

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