How big drills holes for install SMY deck lights?

How big drills holes for install SMY deck lights?

7/8" hole saw is all you need. These are beautiful and look even better when it's dark out. I'll probably get more.

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Brighter and expected!

Was easy to install (standard drilled holes), easy plug together connectors, small power supply with mounting holes. These lights are 1watt each and the light is fantastic. Low power consumption, but big effect.

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Very easy to install SMY deck lights on your decking stairs.

I just built a new deck and incorporated the SMY lights into the design. They were super easy to install and work very well. They really brighten up the back yard. My one criticism is the the cables are too short. They are advertised as 1 meter between lights which is technically true, but by the time you thread the wires through the joists, it’s much less. The lights on my deck fascia are spaced at 34” apart, but I had to extend the stock cables to get this distance. It was easy though as I used butt splice connectors and heat shrink with standard low voltage light cable.

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  • Not enough practical information. Is there an installation manual?

    Michael O'Malley

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